Thursday, April 28, 2005

Insert exciting title here

Today is the last meeting of one of my courses. Yippee! All I have to do is finish up the paper for it and write my self assessment. Things I planned to do last night. But we had friends over for dinner, and they left at 11:30. So yeah, that didn't happen.

Not much knitting progress to report. Another inch on Tempting, and I bought size US8 double pointed needles to do sleeves. Hopefully I can get to the sleeves and get the sleeves done so one of my girls can explain how to attach the sleeves, because that part of the pattern makes absolutely no sense to me.

The grey sock has been frogged, may it RIP. I just couldn't stand concentrating on the pattern. I have purchased a bunch of sock yarn now, and have no desire to cast on for another pair. I think I might try Wendy's toe-up pattern next.

My Knitpicks yarn arrived yesterday! It came in a tiny box, I was sure it wasn't all in there. But it was. Very small skeins, but I'm not sure why I expected different, considering the small yardages. Overall I'm very pleased, however the daffodil yellow is not as yellow as it is pictured. But the Sock Garden Star Gazer Lily color, is beautiful! I may be reinspired to make socks!

I will be spending much of my weekend knitting, but not for myself. Amy needed help meeting a deadline, so off I go! Received the yarn yesterday, and planned to cast on after dinner, but we all know that didn't happen. Maybe today? After supper club? And after our lovely friends play at 11:00 pm? hmmmmm, maybe tomorrow.

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