Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Finished Object Tuesday!

It would be better if it were finished object friday, but that's OK. I was lucky enough to have the afternoon free from responsibilities today, so I managed to crank out the ending of two projects.

Skinny Scarf Two is complete!
It is very pretty and colorful (same thing?) even though it will probably be 80 every day now that it is finally finished. I had forgotten what a pain in the ass binding off 400 stitches is. It took FOREVER. But done.

And, drumroll please........I have a pair of socks!
The toe of the second sock was a pain in my ass. I kept dropping the needles and the stitches were laddering down, and I can't figure out how to pick up stitches in a decrease. So that sucked. But luckily I was on the last decrease row, so I sort of fudged it and it will be wearable, just not very pretty.

I orded some Paton's Kroy sock yarn from Elann. I chose pink, orange and bright blue and gray. I am excited for it to arrive, especially now that I can move on to better socks!

I purchased the cotton ease I am going to use for Tempting from Knitty. I plan to cast on for that tomorrow and use the two-hour season finale of Lost to make good progress (and did anyone else know that this was the season finale? How did I miss this? I am very upset!).

I'm trying to decide what to make after Tempting. Webs is having a big sale. I'm thinking some Reynolds Saucy to make sitcom chic from Knitty and possibly the beaded top from the new Vogue Knitting. I want to make a tank top and I'm looking for a pattern that is something I think I would actually wear.

I'm sure everyone knows now, but the spring Knitty is up, as is the first full issue of Spun. Not really excited about the new patterns in either, which kind of sucks.

I almost forgot, I have ventured into a new arena of craftyness. I bought these cute beads at Target in their dollar section on Saturday, and bought beading supplies Sunday at JoAnn's. Result - stitch markers! I apologize for the horribly out of focus picture. I'll try to get a better one up in the next few days.

OK, must sleep now. I am very sad, as my visiting puppies will be going home tomorrow. It will be quiet here with only four animals.

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