Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, Monday

Sorry for the lack of photos lately - black ribbing on the Tempting is hardly exciting to take progress pictures of, and since every time I measure it, it hasn't grown, I'm not inclined to bore you with it. (I actually am starting to think that it is shrinking every round - impossible?)

I did cast on for a new pair of socks - or should I say I tried. I started Wednesday night - made a swatch on size 2's figuring that since I knit so tightly, pattern called for US 1, you know.

Ripped out the swatch - after all, the pattern calls for 1's. Started swatch on 1's. (Thursday)

Ripped out the swatch - surely I don't need to swatch - never did before - everything has turned out fine. (Also Thursday)

Started sock pattern on 1's. Seems small, but hard to tell for first few rounds. Knit on. (Friday)

Ripped out the cuff. Seems really small as won't go over my knuckles. Put down. (Friday)

Get out size 2's. Cast on and start cuff. Seems OK size-wise (Saturday)

Finish cuff. Start pattern (and yes, I'm using an actual "pattern", no boring grey stockinette socks for me!). Pattern has four row repeat. VERY SLOW MOVING. (Sunday)

I was itching to make more socks, now I'm not liking this "pattern" business, but really can't face ripping out that poor yarn any more.

Dilemma of the Day: What color cotton ease? I want to make a Tempting with 3/4 sleeves (after I finish the "normal" one). Love my cotton ease. Resisting the urge to buy all I can find. But what color to make Tempting2 in? Anybody, Anybody, Bueller?

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