Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So, the crazy puppies who were visiting? All gone now, very sad. Our baby (the lab) looked all over for his brother Thursday morning, and apparently, his brother was also confused. They gave him his own goose/duck toy (he was obsessed with the one they brought over) so he is very excited.
I got this.
From Knitting in La Jolla. Very exciting, though I think some of the patterns are a bit much for me right now.
My momma had her first knitting lesson last Wednesday, actually more of a refresher lesson since she used to knit (before I was born). She says she sucks. They were teaching them on a circular needle and she thought she had to leave the last stitch on the needle (I'm not sure how she turned her work around) so she was increasing every row (somehow). She's a little frustrated. And, whatever leftover fiber her teacher gave her to practice with is bothering her eyes - not because she can't see it, but it "flakes" off and gets in her eyes. Anybody else experience this?
She and my sister and I are a little bit crazy. I grew up here. Where this happens every year. It is literally madness as all these crazed women buy anything and everything they can hold. Growing up, we went to the sale every year and made a few purchases (too good of deals not to). I have my fair share of Vera products, and add a few to the collection every year. Many people come and buy things to sell on ebay, which is a big no-no, but they do it anyway.
But this year mom takes the madness to a whole other level - she's working the sale. Which means she gets an additional discount (and if you're crazy enough to want to do this, you can't - they're not hiring and the only people who get to work have to "know" someone - my second cousin works for Vera) and a special shopping day (without the crazies) - TODAY!
I passed off my list last night (which was fun, 'cause she already knew most of what they had since she had put it all out on the tables yesterday). I think this year I'll actually get things in the patterns I want! But don't worry, I'm not this nuts.

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