Tuesday, April 05, 2005


So tonight was SnB. And was it appropriate....

I try not to use this as a forum to vent my frustrations as a 20 something stepmother, but it's probably coming, and fast. My DD's mother constantly starts something, and leaves us to finish it. That's all I say for now.

Other Bitchin.......

I'll reference this. Tonight was much of the same. Only I got to hear, "Oh so now y'all are trying socks?" But imagine it said as if one could not possibly be smart enough to read a sock pattern. "What yarn are you using?" "Well, you won't want to wear those." "Aren't they too small?" "Isn't your gauge too tight?"

Well actually......SHUT THE HELL UP! If I want your help/advice/etc. I'll ask for it. Keep your damn negative opinions of my abilities to yourself. And coming from the same girl who, when she saw our scarves we were knitting at the first meeting she came to, said, "Well the first thing I made was a sock. It's really easy. Anyone can make one." I guess things have changed.

Not sure what I was upset more about - the stepmom thing or her, but at any rate, she caused me to misread my pattern for the heel flap and I had to rip back several rows, and then I realized I hadn't counted as I ripped, so I had to try to measure to make sure I hadn't ripped out too much, then I added a row, 'cause I thought I had ripped back too far. Then one of my snb'ers that I DO ask for help said that I didn't need that row, so I ripped it out. Then I got my stitches twisted as I tried to put them back on the needles. Then I got them twisted AGAIN as I tried to fix the first twist.

Needless to say, my ambition of turning the second heel tonight is lying in the dustbin. However, I did not give up on the damn "sock I 'm never going to wear." I will wear these things just to spite her, I swear.

But I did "spoil" myself a bit today - bought the new issue of Vogue Knitting. And I want to make about 10 things in it. I'm sure it will only cost me a small fortune in yarn. But some really great springy/summery items. And since it was over 80 here today, I'm in the mood for that!

No pictures today, the camera battery is dead and I have to wait for DH to get home from work to charge it, as I cannot find the charger. But I'll leave you with a mental picture. One of my dear friends (and fellow knitter!) and her hubby are on a 10 day trip. They have two babies (of the barking variety). They can't take them as his family is deathly allergic to dogs. They didn't want to kennel them - and because I love her and her dogs, I volunteered us to take them. For the whole time they are gone. So, add their 2 year old Golden Retreiver and 4 month old yellow lab to our 4 month old chocolate lab (yes, they are brothers), almost 6 year old Border Collie and Shitz/Lasla mutt of indeterminte age (he was a rescue) but probably at least 11, and almost 2 year old kitty. Yes, we live in a menagiere. It's great - except when there's barking. Then it wakes up DD. But they are all getting along (and old dog likes no one of the four legged variety). And finally letting us sleep at night.

Off to potty the pack before bed. Maybe some reading news tomorrow? (Don't hold your breath).

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