Monday, January 27, 2014

Modern HST Quilt-a-Long Finish!

This is it - the last post in our Quilt-a-Long! I can't believe we are finally done! It was very strange not to write a block post yesterday! Today I wanted to share with you how I chose to assemble my quilt top.

I decided to use red for my sashing and borders - I wanted each block to stand out, and I love black/white and red. I used just under 3 yards - and I prewashed my red, just in case. Each sashing piece is 2.5"x8.5". I used black for the cornerstones - each one is 2.5"x2.5". I am not usually a border person, but again, I felt like this quilt needed one small border to frame the blocks. The border is 2.5"xwidth and length of the quilt.

I really really love the way my quilt came out. I learned a lot - two of these blocks have small mistakes in them, but for the life of me I couldn't remember (or find!) the errors - so I am living with them! And I learned that consistency is very important - these blocks were sewn on 4 different sewing machines - each with a just slight difference in a scant 1/4" seam - which means some of the points are cut off on some blocks, but again - I am living with it!

I have no idea how I will quilt this one, and since I have run out of my giant roll of batting, I don't have to worry about that until I get more! I will be sure to post a picture when it is finally complete.

So far there is one completed quilt top in the flickr group - I love the variety of colors in the blocks and how it looks so different with no sashing - gorgeous! Be sure to share yours if you finish!

Thanks for sewing along with us! And if you joined in late, don't worry, I will leave the posts up indefinitely!


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    MaryB Beautiful! The red really makes the blocks "POP"

  2. It's beautiful!!! thank you for sharing all of this with us!!

  3. Wow!! You put a LOT of work into posting all of these blocks. I know this is an older blog post, but I plan on starting this quilt in the very near future!! So glad I found your blog!!