Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Finished Sweaters

I finished Ben and Samantha's sweaters recently, and they were both big hits!

For Samantha's sweater I used the pattern Kindling Season. It was very well written and I enjoyed knitting it. It obviously didn't come out to be a size 6 (damn gauge!), but I was planning to knit her another one for school next year, so it's OK if it only fits for this year. 

The back has a chevron pattern on it - subtle but something more than stockinette! And I love the tall collar. I left off the pockets because I was ready to be DONE knitting it. 

For Ben's Sweater I used Grow Old With Me, and I think it is adorable. It is supposed to have positive ease, and I knit a size 2 - guess he is a big boy! This is one I would definitely knit again when he is older. It was a bit confusing at the beginning with shaping for the raglan, and the collar and then the extra stitches for the button band, but I figured it out. He loves it, and he loves the bike buttons I chose for it. 

He wore it all day the day I finished it, so I consider that a success! Now to finish Ellie's and Henry's! 

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