Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy Bunny Applique (tutorial)

Last spring I wanted to make something for Samantha to wear for Easter. She and Ellie were going to wear mine and my sister's old Easter dresses, so I thought a shirt that she could wear to school (and wear to hunt eggs Easter morning) would be more practical.

This is a super easy project and only takes about an hour!

Supplies: Steam A Seam Lite
Fabric of your choosing
Sewing Machine
Picture/drawing to use for shape

First you need to choose your shape. I found a bunny shape that I liked on the internet, and printed it off at a good size (make sure it won't overwhelm your tshirt area!). Then you trace it onto the back of the steam a seam - the side that does not come away easily. (if you are unsure about which side is which, please look at the package - it is very helpful!). If you are using a design that has words or numbers, make sure you trace it backwards. The nice thing about a shape like this is that it can face either direction. 

Then you remove your paper backing and press your fabric onto the steam a seam, wrong side facing.

Then cut out your shape following the lines you traced previously.

Remove the other paper backing and press onto your shirt - use a lot of steam and press for 10-20 seconds. Technically you can be done at this point, but I think it looks more finished to stitch it down. 

I used white thread and a zig zag stitch to stitch around the bunny shape. Keep your needle down to make it easier to turn your work around the curves and in the corners. Take your time! 

Give it to a very happy girl! The great thing about this project is that the shirt still fits this year (I usually try to make things a little big so they fit longer!). She LOVES her 'bunny shirt' and wears it year round. 

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  1. SO cute and she looks lovely in her newly appliqued shirt!