Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lucky Stars BOM

This winter I saw that Elizabeth at Don't Call me Betsy was doing a paper pieced block of the month club. And it was stars - I love stars in quilts and had been wanting to do more paper piecing. I signed up and then dithered over fabric choices for two months! I was trying to decide if I wanted all of the stars to have the same color theme, or to be unique. I did finally decide that I wanted to use text prints for the background of the stars, and then decided to follow her suggested colors for the stars. I did make my own choices for the March block and I really like the way that one turned out.

January star


February star


March star


Now I have to figure out how to store these and the BOM my guild is doing. I don't have a design wall (or space for one) so I need a storage solution that won't result in mangled blocks by year's end. Any suggestions?


  1. You could use a very large ziplock bag, or a large roasting pan. I've used both successfully. I'm also design-wall-less.

  2. I bought a box that was "supposed" to be for storing scrapbook paper :) keeps my blocks from mangled!

  3. I have a big plastic tub (under-bed kind) that holds the blocks flat and the fabrics set aside for the rest on top.

  4. I agree with CraftyLzrd, I use the plastic boxes for scrapbook paper and it makes storing wip in one place. I also find it easy to see what and how many projects I have going at one time.