Wednesday, March 06, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I was excited to finish up this quilt top at the end of last week! That puts me at three quilt tops that need to be basted and quilted-I better make some quilt backs!

I also bought a bunch of Simply Color ombres and cut up a million tiny squares. I'm interested to see how this idea I have will turn out!

And I finally picked fabrics for my Lucky Stars BOM, cut them and printed the templates. Hoping to get those done this week!

I'm very excited that next week is spring break and I might get to sneak in some extra sewing time!!

One large WIP that I'm also thinking about this week is the art 'center' we are making for the kiddos. We've got a big IKEA trip planned for next week. If you were building the ultimate art corner/room for your kids/grandkids, what would you include?

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  1. Gorgeous! You better sandwich those together while you still can! :)

  2. Very pretty quilt top!

  3. Love those pinwheels! The colors are so Spingy!

  4. Congrats on the pinwheels finish. I've been wanting ombre so bad since they came out, have fun with them.