Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving socks

Pattern: Generic top-down sock over 72 stitches
Needles: ChiaGoo sz 2.25mm dpns
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Mods: none
Thoughts: love the colors. The perfect fall socks!

Just in time for 34 degree temps, sleet and snow! I'm all bundled up in my new fall socks and my orange hourglass.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving - we did, and I'm looking forward to some snuggly knitting this weekend!


  1. They're cute! Sounds like you're a Thanksgiving vision. :)

  2. you're going to have to share what color trekking that is. that color is ADORABLE!

    did you get to cook thanksgiving dinner in your awesome newly done kitchen? i envy you. :)

  3. Perfect for Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy thanksgiving socks!

  5. I love this colorway. Your basketweave came out great too. 34 deg. Brrr. Those socks are perfect.

  6. Your socks look like springtime to me! Wonderful thoughts of warm days and gardens and long walks... (so says the Texan "looking forward" to her first bitterly cold winter in upstate New York.....)

  7. Can you believe we are finally going to have an excuse to sit by the fire and knit? That's where I'll be all weekend! I love the socks. Very pretty color!