Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday WIPs

Last night, after surviving the first day back to school, I got down to brass tacks and started my holiday crafting. This is an entirely different category from the holiday knitting, so it requires a different frame of mind. And a different set of tools.

These little pockets were inspired by Jenny at allsorts. When finished, they will turn into this. So cute! We don't have anything other than a paper advent calendar, so I am looking forward to having this finished. Last year I attempted to create some decorations, but ran out of steam. The advent calendar is the first thing I have planned (I don't have too much planned), but I have other holiday crafting to do - some of which is gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I have another complete!

Pattern: Sophie (I know, it's really getting old)
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino - 1 skein
Needles: Sz 6.5mm Circular and DPNs
Mods: none
Thoughts: my favorite quick gift project. All of my gift Sophies are finished. I do have a skein of red Paton's to make a christmassy Sophie for me, but we'll see.

I have another project nearly done, but it requires a trip to JoAnn's, which hasn't happened for the past two nights, since we've had unexpected family stuff. Hopefully tomorrow after school.

Off to finish up another!


  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Oh fun! I can't wait to see photos of your finished Advent calendar.

  2. Yay for Christmas festive-ness!

  3. What a cute idea that advent calendar is. I can't wait to see yours all finished. I'm still in Christmas denial - at least until December 1st.

  4. I like how the colors worked out on that Sophie!

  5. I am so impressed with your timely start on the Advent calendar - that's a craft that always sneaks up on me before I'm in the proper holiday crafting spirit. Rock on!

  6. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Oooh... I like Sophie. She is very pretty. Totally adorable and I love the way the striping worked out. Very cool.