Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FO for momma

Pattern: Basketweave Pullover from a pattern leaflet mom sent me (I don't have it handy to look up - I'll try to find it.)
Yarn: Manos Cotton Stira, Tahki Cotton Classic
Needles: Sz 8 Clover Bamboo Circulars
Mods: lengthened sleeves
Dates: sometime this summer - end of September. Seamed November 17.
Thoughts: DONE!

This was actually a fairly quick knit, when I would work on it. I striped in the Cotton Classic, since we were worried I would run out of the Stira. As it turns out, I have a skein and a half left.

The sweater fits mom really well - which I was tremendously worried about. Perhaps that's why it took almost 2 months for me to seam it?

She seems to like it, right mom?

In other news, an unloved knit has gone on to live with my MIL, whom I hope really likes it and isn't just saying so.

I'm trying to finish up a few more things this week, cross your fingers !


  1. Anonymous4:39 AM

    The sweater looks great! I'm glad your Mom loves it. :)

  2. The sweater turned out great!! Good luck on more finishing - and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The sweater looks great on your mom! I can't even get a pair of endpaper mitts done for my mom.

  4. Anonymous5:43 AM

    The sweater is yummy, soft comfortable, not too heavy (great for Texas in November - at least until yesterday!!). Of course, it's the perfect color, since I picked out the Yarn!!

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    What a thoughtful daughter you are!!Such a beautiful cotton pullover (and from comments it looks like your Mom loves it too)