Tuesday, March 20, 2007

State of the Knits

I did do some knitting on spring break, but I was also consumed by a day full of watchin' the neph, and, as we all know, three year-olds are not usually entertained by pointy sticks, unless they're doing the pointing.

The Pirate Hat is done, but in need of a serious blocking. Hopefully tonight.

I finished one of my "sweet socks" - the needles are now free for round 2 of the madness, which starts Thursday.

I am almost done with the back of hubbo's sweater. Why are men so big? And mine's not even *that* big.

I knit up the second skein of the grey alpaca scarf. One more to go!

And some other socks saw some action - I started hubbo's second Trekking sock, I'm ready for the gusset on the Regia Bamboo sock, and I'm in the heel flap of the Feather and Fan sock.

I'm feeling pretty good about knitting up things I've already started, especially the socks. I have so many pairs close to being finished (four with one sock done, one half way done), that I'd like to have some new pairs!

However, I am feeling the urge for the spring/summer knits. I'll hold out until the end of round 2 of the madness, but I'm not going to be responsible for much past that. Maybe I can hold out until April. Maybe.


  1. I like the pirate hat in red and black. Such a cool pattern. I'm feeling the itch for spring/summer projects too. I REALLY should finish Kevin's sweater first though!

  2. Yeah, great new patterns have been popping up all over . . .

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Yes, we just need to hold out til April!

  4. I love the colors of your pirate hat! Good luck on the next round of Sock Madness.

  5. Wow, you have been really busy knitting! I can't believe everything you've gotten done. Great job!