Friday, March 23, 2007

And I'm out

The new Madness pattern was posted sometime yesterday afternoon, and hubbo was kind enough to send it to me at work, so I got started at knitting last night. Perhaps not the best locale to start a knitting competition, but my lack of progress was worth the joy of the evening. (I'm much further than the picture shows now.)

Sadly, my competition (who may be the first finisher in our bracket) apparently doesn't work on Fridays or is the fastest knitter alive. 'Cause she finished in about 24 hours. That's OK. I'm really in it for the patterns, right? :)
I am loving the pattern, and Scout's yarn is gorgeous, and smells good, and is soft and I love it. Thank you Scout!


  1. I'm sorry! Please forgive me. Pretty please? :)

    I promise that I was at work today for the full eight hours. :) My coworkers can be my witnesses, 'cause they kept trying to talk me into knitting at work.

    I even slept six hours last night. Really.

  2. I love how it's coming out! You told everyone I can't reproduce that if I tried right? lol

  3. Bummer! Keep on knittin' though! ...or feel free to knit whatever you want now that the pressure has been lifted.

  4. Awww, shucks, sorry you got knocked out. But like you said, at least you get the patterns.

  5. Dang, so she's saying in her comment that she knit them in less than 10 hours, basically?! Whoa.

  6. that's a neat sock pattern. Where di d you get it?