Friday, March 09, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

I don't regularly participate in the Eye Candy Fridays, but today I have lovely eye candy - new sock yarn!

From Scout - special, one-of-a-kind, just for me and my indecision, sport weight in "Sageilicious." Our exchange went like this:
Me: I can't find any sport weight sock yarn that's varigated, a good price, and with enough yardage.
Scout: Well, take a look at the gallery.
Me: I can't decide - too many pretty colors!
Scout: I've been wanting to do something in peaches or sage.
Me: Oooooh, sage!
Scout: Done!

It really is pretty, and I'm so excited to use it. The Girl saw it this morning, and was telling me how pretty it was. It was fun (in my dorky way) to ask her if she remembered our stop in ABQ this summer, and to tell her that Scout had dyed the yarn special, for me, special!*

This lovely goodness comes from Yarn Love, a site I stumbled across last week (I honestly can't remember if someone recommended this, or if I found it), and it is lovely! All of the yarn is named after famous women (mostly literary characters), and it is gorgeous. They were super friendly, and gave me the option to ship first class mail, for only $1.75, which is so much nicer than the $4.05 of priority mail. Best of all, this particular line (Juliet) comes paired with one varigated and one solid - very easy for bad decision-makers like me!

And finally, from everyone's favorite crack yarn dealer, The Loopy Ewe, via the crazy Monday update, Apple Laine in Pretty in Pink (which is way more pink than my camera can show you), and one hank of Lorna's in Chocolate, and one in Devon (one of the new colors, which I like so much instead of the crazy color combos you get sometimes). I got the Apple Laine just for stash enhancement purposes ('cause it sells out fast), but the Lorna's is for the Madness.

Ahhhh, the Madness. Tipoff around 7 am CST, so even though Spring Break has started, I'll be getting up early one more day. Totally worth it though.

There is a ton of interest in the toy KAL - Sometime this weekend (after the first socks for the Madness are complete) I'll make up a blogger blog so we can all post to it. If you want an invite, please email me at knittoys AT gmail DOT com with your email address, and I'll send you the blogger invite. Look for more info here when it's up!

Off to have a lovely "it's Spring Break" dinner and drinks with hubbo - have a great weekend!

*Bonus points to anyone who can name this movie!


  1. Dang, so much gorgeous sock yarn!! It's a bit dangerous to read your blog. ;) Have a great break!

  2. Oh man, now I'm going to have to add Yarn Love to my store watch list...

  3. I swear Scout is a mind reader! Enjoy!

  4. These links! These links! I need to knit faster . . .

  5. Hee. That conversation was funny! I'm glad you like it.

  6. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Love your blog! That is quite a load of sock yarn - all so yummy! The toy knit-a-long sounds like so much fun!

  7. Yippee! Spring break--time for knitting socks. The sage is beautiful, but the pink and lime is drop-dead gorgeous. What a great idea, to package plain and variegated together. Thanks for the links--I'm gone to order.

  8. This is bad! I was already unhappy with the uninspiring yarn I've been using for my latet sock project and now you show off such BEAUTIFUL stuff. I must focus and finish what I've started, and then I'm on my way to Yarn Love!

  9. Lovely yarns!
    Are you hosting a toy KAL??? :) I have that same knitted toys book.

  10. I am so glad you like your sock yarn! Thanks for the great feedback, and I hope you really enjoy knitting some killer socks with it.

    (from Yarn Love!)

  11. I have never seen so much pretty yarn in one place. I am agog at the Yarn Love, LOL. Must go check that out right now!