Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot knits in the summertime

While I'm still loving the Hourglass sweater (almost 1/2 done with sleeve #2), and I love me some wool, I'm itching for some spring and summer wearable knits.

Last summer I was not so successful with the summer knits. While Picovili and NBAT were ripped, Kyoto remains on the needles, in somewhat of a "stall" pattern (I haven't touched her since at least September).

This year, I resolve to triumph over the lack of summer knits in my wardrobe! So what am I planning? As usual, way more than I will probably ever finish.

First up - from the new Nashua North American Knits book - I love this sweater, and will be casting on for it very soon. I'm surprised that I haven't seen more talk of it in blogland, as I think it is a great-looking pattern, with enough lace to be pretty but still acceptable for work. (Apologies for the flash on the photo - the only way I could get a picture of this was to take it myself, and it was very dark outside here.)

Bobble Blue - from the Spring '06 Interweave Knits. I have been wanting this sweater since I got my magazine last spring. I'm planning to use some of my cotton-ease stash for this one.

This cute thing is from the Fall '06 Knitscene. I ordered the yarn for this way back in September. This will be the other "first" thing I cast on - perfect for spring!

This one is also from the fall Knitscene. Another use for my vast stash of cotton ease. I love the shaping and the reverse stockinette stitch.

Other contenders include Picovili and NBAT (of course), and I really like the Isabella tank from the new Knitty. I may also knit up Sizzle and Something Red, from the talented Wendy. But first, I may cast on for the Somewhat Cowl - seems like a good transitional sweater, especially in my usually freezing-cold classroom.

What am I missing? What is on your spring/summer to-knit list? I'd love to hear!


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I've definitely had my eye on Isabella.

    I'm thinking of doing Serrano this summer - offices are always too cold for me, so a lacey sweater like that would come in handy.

  2. Nice choices! I like Isabella a lot. I've seen the sweater from North American Knits in the new magazines -- It definitely caught my eye, though I'd have to be more sure I'd make it before I spent the bucks for the book. It reminds me of the Lotus Blossom Tank from last summer, but the "wrap" v-neck is nicer.

    So far, no summer knitting plans here, except finishing the winter stuff I've got on the needles. I'm tempted . . .

  3. Great patterns. I have yarn for an Elspeth Lavold basketweave sweater that I want to do soon. I did Green Gable a few months ago and that turned out well. I might to that one again in a different color.

  4. I need to knit some sort of black lacy cardi for at work, so I can wear my extensive tank top wardrobe!

  5. I've never heard of Nashua North American Knits - but I love, love, love that sweater! I might have to go get that pattern.

  6. I have a lot of thoughts on summer knits, but am not sure how many I'll actually get to. I'd like to knit a Fad Classic, and Flair. I'd also like to finally get to Cece.

  7. Bobble Blue is really cute, but I love the sweater in the first picture. Perfect for our hot summers!

  8. Anonymous8:15 PM

    My first goal is to finish the pink camisole that I wanted to have for last summer. I like Knitty's Ribena, but I don't know if I'll get to it, as I want to do a French Girl pattern and also a Noni bag, and I am knitting too slow for words lately. I love your choices!!

  9. Isabella definitely caught my eye as well... in fact, I'm already almost done with my first ball of yarn. I figured it was a good way to dive into the world of "sweater knitting" without committing to sleeves... plus, it looks perfect for our TX weather... I mean, you can probably safely wear it 9 months of the year - bonus!

    That north american knits sweater looks fabulous, but I think I might need more lace experience before I tackle something like that... (adding more lace patterns to my queue...) :)

  10. I love, love, love the surplice lace top, but the pattern plus shipping costs puts it in the "too expensive to afford" basket for me. I will come spy yours. HAve fun with this beautiful, beautiful modèle.