Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One of these things is not like the other

Two socks
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One of these things just doesn't belong.......

Now that you are all having Sesame Street flashbacks, allow me to introduce you to the two newest members of the Single Sock club:

One for hubbo, and one for me. These two will join the sadly single Regia bamboo sock, pining away for their mates....

In all seriousness, I'm really trying to finish up some of the things on the needles. I told myself back in January that I didn't need to join the UFO Resurrection, as I didn't have any UFOs. Ha. I have way too many. So, I'm getting them off the needles - ripped or restarted. Many of them will be going to Colorado with me next week (4 teaching days until Spring Break), and I'm not going to take any "extra" yarn for new projects. Only UFOs. Only.

Oh, and on the yarn front? Yeah, it's pretty bad....... I added (GULP) 31 skeins to the stash this month. I managed to knit up 6 skeins. Yikes. Lord help me. And there's more yarn in the mail. I'll quit when I'm dead......

Oh - run over and give Theresa some love - she's engaged!


  1. The only way I ever got both sox done was to do the 2 socks/2circs route ... at least they're the same and I can stop them both at the same point (I always knit from the toe to the top so I have LOTS of anklets!).

    The single sox are beautiful though and if either of you is ever in a cast, at least you'll have a nice sock on the good foot....

  2. 31 skeins!!
    Your Gulp! is right...thanks for taking my guilt away. I thought I had bought too much, now I know I didn't! :)
    No, seriously, it's sounds like you're knittin' pretty fast so you need it! It could've been 31 bottles of tequilla or 31 cartons of cigarettes or worse! A little bit of yarn never hurt anyone.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're going to Colorado -- you need a well-deserved break!! That is some discipline, to take only UFOs. I'm looking forward to all the FO reports when you get back.

  4. That's too funny! It's so hard refraining from a new project, isn't it? Good luck with your trip and your knitting goals!

  5. Those Trekking socks are really nice! It is Trekking, right? I have it in that same colorway but haven't knitted with it yet. Judging by your socks, I can look forward to it!

  6. Wow - you were BUSY. Busy buying yarn!! :)

  7. Thanks!

    And funny you should mention it, because I was just about to run out and buy some yarn to celebrate!

  8. Now I know what my sock will look like! You're very brave to have so many socks on the needles. I think I have the same Colinette color as your finished sock in my stash, too.