Monday, December 04, 2006

Two more Mondays until Christmas

Honestly people, if that thought doesn't freak you out, you're obviously not knitting holiday gifts. (And the rest of us are oh-so-jealous.)

Very sleepy today, tired of writing lesson plans and grading papers. These six week grading periods really suck. If you're not keying in and averaging all of your grades for report cards then it's your writing folders/grade books/progress reports that are due. And lesson plans due every Monday. And staff meeting/diversity training/workshops/grade level planning. In addition to actually TEACHING for 7 hours. And taking at least two grades each week in every subject is fine and dandy except for in this six weeks when one of our "weeks" is the two and a half days we go the week before Christmas, during which the half day is a joke, the Tuesday is Pajama Reading Day and no, I'm not doing anything on Monday, so we have to double up on all of our work for the next nine school days. Blech. And all my kids who were out due to "sickness" (or 'unsafe' roads) Thursday and Friday had to be caught up today. At least I didn't get observed today, like I did last Monday (nice huh? The first day back after having a week off. At 10 am. And did I mention it was MONDAY?) /rant

Today, because I'm tired and I had two margaritas at dinner, you get a boring FO post. Sorry. Probably one to come again tomorrow as we have a workshop and won't be home before dark. I'll try for more excitement on Wednesday. No promises.

Pattern: Ribbed Scarf (not sure of it's real title) from Holiday Knits.
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (is it just me, or has this seemed to have gotten softer recently?) four and a bit skeins of Mist and about 1/4 of one skein of coal.
Needles: Sz US 8 Clover Bamboo Circs (a circular needle is a must for this scarf)
Dates: Early November to November 28 or 29.
Mods: None other than a yarn sub.
Thoughts: Very clever these one rows in each color. Hubbo likes it so much that he's requested one two for himself. I hope the giftee likes it - dressy without being fancy, though the 2x2 rib nearly killed me. Much of this got done in the dark car to and from Indiana.

I have a half decorated tree, blank progress reports glaring at me, no idea what to write in the Christmas letter, dirty dishes on the counter, laundry to do, a messy dining/living room (that goes along with a half decorated tree), boxes of other decorations pilled about, a huge pile of papers to grade and just a *bit* of knitting waiting its turn.

I think I'll go to bed and worry about it tomorrow.

All praise the wonders that are Firefox and my mac - as I hit "upload picture" Firefox shut down. One click of the restore session button and I got my whole post back. Thank you.


  1. I agree, I'm really starting to panic about the Christmas knitting now. (So why am I reading blogs instead of knitting?? 'Cuz I'd miss you all to much!!) I really love that scarf. My first thought was "I want to make one of those", but my second thought was "Ooooh, all that ribbing must get boring". :) It looks awesome though - love the stripes.

  2. You're kidding about the two Mondays right? *Checking calendar* Uh-oh...

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    When I taught in the classroom, I hated December. My kids were sick all the time, and I caught everything they brought in. Plus, many the the young ones just can't focus well with Christmas excitement. I hate report cards too. It's so hard to slap a grade on a kid every 6 weeks. I do miss teaching though, crazy and hard as the work is.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Great scarf -- I'm in awe of all that ribbing - it's gorgeous but I'm glad it was you and not me. Sounds like you deserved the treat of the margaritas -- hang in there. Two Mondays to go and my gift yarn's still in the mail . . . Arghhhhh

  5. Oh, come on, two margaritas should lead to a spicy post! ;) The scarf looks great. I wasn't going to knit any presents, but now I'm doing a 13 stitch wide scarf and baby socks. I think I can survive that...

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    That was just mean about the two Mondays. I seem to keep picking up more and more gift projects than I finish.
    Good luck.

  7. Ah, I love Firefox. Plus it doesn't make my sidebar go wonky like IE. Did I mention that I hate IE?