Monday, December 18, 2006


Much of yesterday was spent making preparations.

The Girl and I make an ornament every year. This lovely pile will be gifted to friends and family soon. Ours is already on the tree.

The Christmas letter is written, the cards are signed, the envelopes are stamped and addressed. Best part? The post office delivered the stamps with my mail. Awesome.

And hubbo and I have been busy baking. Many of these have already been wrapped up to be delivered today to coworkers. One or two *might* have been comsumed along the way. Don't worry mom - we've got more and he wants to make more, so we'll have some for you!

Best part about this weekend? Three gifts off the needles. Pictures soon.


  1. You have sure been a busy little elf!!! With one week to go, it looks like you are in great shape. The cookies look yummy!!!

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Check you out, Mrs. Claus! Way to go!

  3. Wow, you've gotten so much done! You'd better sit down with a mug of spiked eggnog and do some relaxing knittin.

  4. Looks like Christmas Central down there! Seriously, the cookies have me drooling.

  5. Anonymous7:33 AM

    What a nice day you must have had! Isn't Christmas the best time of year?

  6. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Progress feels great, doesn't it? Way to go.

  7. Anonymous8:31 PM

    yeah, cookies. dad will want date pinwheels (no nuts) and snickerdoodles. anything chocolate for me, and maybe almond crescents. I'm not baking so don't expect anything. also off the needles - Amy's afghan - knitted from 9 - 11 pm sunday to finish it. stick that fork in me.

  8. Anonymous8:33 PM

    'scuze me - that was knitted from 2 two until 11 eleven pm to finish that afghan. yep - 9 hours straight. not that I'm fast.