Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today my baby Miles is 2 years old. Awwwww. He got a new toy, which he has been carrying around the house all night.

I've got no excitement for you knitting-wise. Still no pictures. I'm just going to have to break down and take crappy indoor photos or take a week's worth of pictures on the weekend. I'll try to have something tomorrow. Pictures or not, the knitting continues apace. Though I really want to cast on for a new project for me.


  1. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Miles Davis, what happened to your ears, did Mommy knit them into something? poor baby.... happy two!!

  2. I really want to make some Christmas decorations, but I'm not done my gifts yet. And I bet you're not either . . .

  3. What a sweet smile! He looks like a real sweetheart.

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    What a sweetie! Happy Birthday Miles!

    You are doing so well on all your Christmas gifts, really! I'm amazed at all you've knit, considering you work more than full time and have a house to take care of, like me. I'm struggling to knit one gift!! Don't get too discouraged. :)

    I also wanted to ask what happened to Jenn of Red Bird Knits? She hasn't posted in a long time, and I miss her posts. If you are in touch with her please tell her she is missed. Thanks!

  5. Happy birthday, Miles!