Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random Thursday

1. I have no artifical light photos of finished gift knits for you. We have not been home before dark on a weeknight in two weeks, and we won't be until mid next week.

2. But I do have an artifical light photo of some of my decorations. I love this - it is a something I had in my head last year, and bought all the supplies for it, but somewhere along the line of being unemployed and a bit depressed, it didn't come to fruition. This year I dug it all out, dumped it on the couch to decide where to put it, looked up at the window and said "ah-ha!" Total cost for this project? $3. Two $1 boxes of ornaments from big lots (12 ornaments to a box - what a deal!), a $1 strand of garland from Dollar Tree, clear "string" from the stash, and a box of clear acrylic snowflakes from Pottery Barn (free to me with a left-over wedding gift card!). I turned out better than I expected - love the blues and the slightly gaudy look. Love it.

3. I'll try to take pictures of the tree this weekend - I think it's our best one yet. And for $23 from Lowes, a great deal.

4. Two more gifts are finished. One is 3/4 finished. One is lagging. Several more are whining from the knitting bag due to lack of attention.

5. I really want to clothe my family and friends in hand-knits, but I'm bored of knitting them. However, I'm not sure what else I would be knitting right now. Debating knitting one gift a month for next year and storing them.

6. I've already made the gift knitting list for next year, but I'm sure it will change.

7. I'm considering knitting from the stash for a few months. I've got a *ton* of yarn (had to buy another new plastic tub this week) that I really want to be sweaters/socks/shawls. I'm thinking 5 months? Until school gets out? Then I could go whole hog this summer and knit whatever I wanted and buy at whim. I will probably spend a bit of $$ on some yarn and patterns for fair isle mittens and hats before the new year, as there are several I really want to knit, but I'll talk more about them after I'm done with the torture holiday knitting. If I talk about it too much before then, I may quit the gifts.

8. I'm thinking this "knit from the stash" will work as there is very little that has been published lately that I'm dying to knit. The only exception is the Natucket Jacket from the Winter IK. Terra Cotta Cotton Ease? May have to buy some of that soon too. (And buy soon, I mean this week or next so it's still 2006 and will become stash before 2007. :) )

9. I now drink a ridiculous amount of coffee every day. Thank cheese for my new $5 stainless steel thermos. My new best friend.

10. I'm having a hard time feeling like it's Christmas. Perhaps because it's almost 80 freakin' degrees outside??????

11. My parents are coming. Alert the elves who clean my house. Oh wait.....

12. Three and a half more days of school. How many hours is that?


  1. I wish that our school did half days. I will start each of the last four full days of school with a tiny prayer that my kids won't explode before I get them on the bus to go home!

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I don't have much of a stash (just a cabinet area in a bookcase) but your lists (monthly, holiday, etc) inspired me to go see what was there and figure out what projects need knitting and what yarn needs patterns. It was really helpful to get a handle on things.

    If you're interested, Rebekah at Knit Knack (blog city) is going to host a Yarn Focus Challenge in January, which I think is a "knit from the stash" challenge that runs through April. I'm not officially going to join, but I'm going to try not to buy anything new until I finish what's started.

    Please send your 80 degrees. I'll trade! (45F, but no snow). Have a good weekend.

  3. Very nice window garland!

  4. Fun garland!! Wait, there aren't housecleaning elves? What will I put on my Christmas list??

  5. I am so with you. Massive amounts of coffee. Vaguely bored with my gift knitting. Too warm for Christmas. But that garland is just so cheery!