Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The last of the celebration

Whew! We wrapped up birthday week on Saturday with a lovely gathering of friends, and some most excellent gifts! This year we asked that everyone make their gift, and we received some wonderful things (including a story written and illustrated by my BIL & SIL based on hubbo and I's relationship. It's great.).

From Kerri - a felted purse all of my own that I didn't have to knit! And isn't the button great? I love it.

And Jen designed these fabby blog business cards for me! I love them and now need more of an excuse than ever to go to a wool festival/knitblogger meetup/etc. just to pass them out! She even designed the girl to look like me! I love them - what a great idea! Hey Jen - tell us in the comments where you got them!

And finally - one of the hubby's gifts - this made me laugh so hard. If you're not a cycling fan, you may not get it. The label says, "To be used only if you're A sample is positive & you are a manly man that produces naturally high testosterone-epitestosterone ratios from your own organism and because, gosh-darn, you worked hard for your stage win and you deserve to win. Not to be confused with Tyler Hamilton's B-Sample that was quicklly freeze dried to allow him to retain his Olympic Gold Medal." Too funny. this is also funny, if you need a gift for that cyclist in your life.

OK. Really. I promise, I've been knitting. I just need to take some pictures of it. Soon.....


  1. Oh that IS funny!!!

  2. Anonymous6:17 AM

    It's a company called Design Her Gals. Glad you liked them!

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Those business cards are fabulous! I'm sure you'll have fun passing them out!

  4. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Now you MUST come to the Taos Wool Festival!

  5. The B Sample is brilliant! As are your bloggy business cards. You had a great birthday indeed. :)

  6. Fabby bday gifts! That B-Sample is hilarious!