Saturday, August 19, 2006

Birthdays that Rock

I opened my final birthday week gift on Thursday night, as I ran out the door for knitting (Yay for knitting group! I cannot tell you how much better it made my week to sit with some fiber-lovin' ladies and knit. Oh, and the yarn I bought helped too!).

All I have to say is that my hubbo rocks. I ripped off the wrapping paper to see this.

Good try honey at that label removal, but as soon as I saw this, I knew what was in the box.

Yeah, I think he's a keeper! (BTW, it's STR mediumweight in the County Clare colorway. Yum!)

To cap off birthday week, I came home to not one, but TWO packages yesterday! What a way to celebrate my survival of the first week of school!

My One-Skein swap buddy sent me my final package - the item we had made from one skein of yarn. And she was kind enough to include a few other goodies too!

She made me the spiral rib bag from the One Skein book - something I had been eyeing! I love it and cannot wait to put it to use! She was also fortunate to attend Stitches Midwest last week, and sent me some souvenirs from her visit! I love the keychain sock blocker sock kit and cannot wait to knit those up! But of course, the highlight was the lovely birthday gift she included - ANOTHER skein of Socks that Rock (lightweight in the Watermelon Tourmaline colorway. Dudes, am I spoiled or what? My swap buddy was Knit Chick and she totally spoiled me! (Go visit her, scroll down and check out all the STR that she got at Stitches! Gorgeous!) Thanks so much! I love everything you've sent!

And, if that wasn't enough, I got my goodies from my Knit Sock Kit Swap buddy too!

My buddy was Shari who sent me a lovely box of goodies! She made this oh-so-cute bag, with all kinds of pockets inside (I love pockets!), slipped some stitch markers inside (perfect for socks!), and sent some yummy candy and a fabby moleskine notebook (the hubbo is totally jealous of this item!). And to top it all off she sent a skein of All Things Heather sock yarn. Yummy! Thanks Shari - I love everything!

I'm so excited to have all this fabby sock yarn from smaller dyers to knit up - I'm on a mission to try every kind of sock yarn. Think I can do it?

So now comes the burning question - if you had all this beauty in your lap, how would you choose what to knit next?


  1. What's the yarn second from the right? That colorway is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I forgot to tell you what the yarns were that I put in the sock blocker kit. In case you were wondering, it's all Lorna's Laces Sock yarn in Vera, Ravenswood & Child's Play.

    Glad you liked all the little gifts. I had so much fun putting it all together for you!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    That is alot of beauty! Coin toss?

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    I don't think I could choose what to work on next. Everything looks so lovely!

  5. Oh that is some great loot you've got there!!!! To answer your question - no doubt in my mind I would knit one of the STR first - I've been DYING for that yarn forever. I actually finally broke down and ordered two skeins yesterday - I'll be stalking the mailman for sure. :)

  6. What a gorgeous pile of sock yarn! I'd probably just roll around in it for a while and then buy a bunch more needles and start several projects at once. ;) I'm glad you like your sock kit. I had a lot of fun putting it together, especially making the bag. (I had to make one for me too!)

  7. I, too, would be paralyzed by indecision! Happy Birthday week - mine is just beginning!

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I'd put them all in a bag and chose without looking--you can't lose--they're all FABU!

  9. Wow! I would have a hard time deciding, too. I think I would assign each skein a number based on that picture, then go to a random number generator...