Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making a list

Behind again....

July Goals:
1. Finish Leaf Lace Shawl. NOPE
2. Some progress on pink blob. IN TIME OUT
3. More progress on Baltic Sea Stole. YEP!
4. Finish first pair of Trekking socks. YEP!
5. Finish one sock for The Husband. YEP!
6. Finish One Skein Swap gift. YEP!
7. Finish blue socks. RIPPED
8. Start purple socks. RIPPED
9. IF Leaf Lace is finished, start another lace project. NOT DONE
10. IF blue socks are finished, start another pair of lace socks. NOT DONE
11. IF good progress is made on other projects, start Log Cabin Blanket. STARTED
12. Work on Kyoto if time allows. A BIT DONE

I thought I had failed miserably this month, but there are a lot of completed items on that list! Woo Hoo for me! So, what to do this month?

1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole.
2. Start neutral (grey) socks.
3. Finish hubbo's second sock.
4. Start hubbo's xmas sweater.
5. Work on Log Cabin blanket.
6. Knit and felt sheep.
7. Finish mom's shrug/bolero.
8. Try to finish Leaf Lace.
9. If time, restart blue and purple socks.

I also need to make my Christmas knitting list. Yikes.

I only managed to read one of "my own" books for "Read what you have July." I'm a loser. I hope to read more, but my time will not be my own in a few days when school starts. Pooey.


  1. I am so interested in your socks! Are they comfortable to wear inside shoes or are they mostly for "shoeless" wear? Some of the ones you have posted pictures of are beautiful!!

  2. School's starting already? That's awfully early. Are you so excited? Nervous? Both?

    Good luck good luck good luck!