Friday, October 28, 2005

A Flurry of Finished Objects

Why is the title sometimes the hardest part of the whole post? I swear....and to think that I was a copy editor for my college's newspaper - my job was to write the headlines! (BTW - my favorite - and the only one to make it in print without changes - was "Upside Down and Naked." It was about an art show of some sort. Think that'll grab the google wierdos?)

Here we go - a parade for y'all.

A finished fancy scarf number two! Y'all don't really need the specs for this one, right? Oh, you do?

Pattern: Mine. Cast on 15 stitches on sz US 15 needles. Knit until you run out of yarn. Bind off.
Yarn: Fancy Target Yarn in pretty holiday colors.
For: Gift for The Girl's teacher.
Started: Um, a few days ago
Finished: Sunday October 23

This one is a bit shorter than the first, due to a HUGE tangle in the last of the ball that I could not undo to save my life. So it got cut. It's still long enough though. It looks shorter due to the giant turtleneck sweater I am wearing. See that sweater? Remember how hot it was a few days ago? (102 for those of you who forgot). The Man came home from work Sunday and said "Do you know what the temperature is?" Hello? It's Sunday at 5 pm. I'm still in my jammies. No I don't know what the freaking temperature is! I just know it's chilly 'cause I've let the dogs in and out 50 times today. Um, yeah. It was 44 degrees out! People! That is freezing here this time of year! 44! In October! This of course, explains the nasty cold this week - sudden changes in temperature always mess me up.

On a complete side note - this sweater (obviously not made by me) is knit in the round (Um, did everyone examine all of their knitted goods after they learned to knit? Do y'all still do this? I do.) and because it is knit without seams it seems (haha) HUGE and bulky. This is of course why I love it. It is my scruffy sweater. I rarely go out in public in this sweater. But it is great for layering if I don't want to wear a big coat.

Why did I get dressed? Dog Party. That's right. One of the guys The Man works with (who gets to bring his dog to school with him every day!) invites people over about once a month to let their dogs play together. So we went Sunday night. In the 44 degrees. And the rain. But the dogs had fun! My fingers were almost too cold to knit when we got home. Almost.

OK - back on track.

Hole in One Scarf. This is knit out of some delicious bulky alpaca from Knitpicks - Sooooooooooooo soft. I want to knit a pillow case out of this. It is a *bit* uneven - my yarn choice had more yardage than the given yarn, and I tried to compensate by waiting to add the hole, but I didn't wait long enough. I'm making another, I'll try to work it out better on that one.

Pattern: Hole in One Scarf from The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits notecards from my sockpal. Thanks again Kris!
Yarn: Decadence from Knitpicks in Winter Rose
Needles: Sz 10.5 Clover Bamboo Circs
Started: Wednesday October 26
Finished: Thursday October 27

This knit up quickly due to a lovely evening of Alias catching up on Wednesday. (Plus it's just stockinette all the way except for the one yo to make the hole).

Cabled Hat. Hmmmm. Let me tell you a story.
I find some lovely blue yarn to make the basic cable hat from SnB Nation. My first attempt at cables! I cast on Saturday morning, quickly discovered that I did not have spare size 8 DPN's (my others were in the secret project), force The Man to take me to JoAnn's to use my coupon, and knit away during the Tech/Texas football game Saturday. Wow! Cables are fun! I can do it! It doesn't take much brain power! I love it! Looks so pretty!

Show hat to Jen Tuesday night. She said "Looks kind of small." I say "It'll stretch." I knit on toward the finish line. I decrease away like mad. I pull the yarn through the last eight stitches. I have a yarmulke. I does not fit over half of my head. I made an adult size. The Man laughs like mad, but does wear it as a yarmulke. Looks pretty good. Too bad we're not Jewish.

Let me reiterate. I made the adult size, per the pattern. There is no child size listed. I followed the pattern exactly. I was on gauge. Googling this pattern has shown me the error of the pattern designer's ways and I will be making an adult sized hat with some modifications next. I hope this next one works. But seriously, do they have freakiskly small heads? It doesn't fit poeple! It fits babies! I tried it on the nephew and it barely fits him. It will be gifted to him - after all, I was going to make him a hat anyway. I was hoping to make matching mittens, but we'll see. I'll probably have to buy more yarn, so this is a possibility.

Pattern: Basic Cable from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino in the light blue (I'm too lazy to look it up)
Needles: Sz US 7 for the ribbing and 8 for the rest. And a cable needle.
Started: Saturday October 22
Finished: Tuesday October 25

Oh- the lovely yarn from Knitpicks arrived (in case you missed that in the above ramblings). I really like the Decadence. It is so freaking soft. More pictures tomorow. Try to contain yourselves.

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  1. Awesome yarmulke, even if that's not what you meant it to be. :) Hope you're feeling better, and I'm glad to hear fall has finally arrived in your part of the world. Yes, I do examine all my store-bought knitted goods. Still. Sometimes I even examine other people's. Taz thinks it's weird, but I can't help myself--I must know how things were made!