Thursday, October 06, 2005

Baby Socks

So my sockpal finally got her socks, so I can finally post pictures of the surprise item!

Aren't they cute? I made these because she is expecting a wee one in a few months.
Pattern: Better than Booties baby socks from Summer 05 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Same as Sockpal Socks.
Needles: Sz 0 Susan Bates DPN
Started: ??? Sometime after finishing pal's socks - late August
Finished: ??? Sometime in early September. I'm not sure, but I know that I knitted each in a day, about 2 weeks apart.

Comments: So cute! I love the way they stand up, I like the ruffle at the top and I LOVE the cute zigzag grafting. I also really like that they match mom's socks - twins!

One more thing - as cute as they are, they caused much misery on the needle front.

Note: when your needle is not straight, you have problems.

I actually lost one of my set of 5 while knitting the first sock, so had to do the second on 4. I hate knitting socks on 4, it just seems so much more akward. And one of these 4 was bent!

There has been knitting this week....I'll try to show you soon. We're going to Austin for the weekend (our anniversary is Sunday), so I'm off to find those Austin LYS!


  1. happy anniversary! looks like the same weather as the wedding day...except it's a loooooot cooler & not humid! yay! congrats!

  2. those baby socks are awesome!!! so tell me, did you knit them so tight that you bent the needle? or did it come to you that way? ;-)