Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Book Group

So, long time, no post - and I who get "annoyed" everyday if some of my favorite bloggers don't post.....I'm a bad example.

But the suck has taken over my life. Only one minor nervous breakdown over the weekend - some tears, and a new power cable for my ibook, and I was a little bit better.

Finished the skinny scarf on Friday night - yowzas, it's long! I'll put a picture up tomorrow - too lazy now.

I braved the fabric sale at Hancock's Saturday - 40 minutes to have two yards of fabric cut, but it sure is cute - I see lots of bags in my spring break future.

I did churn out a kneedle holder - one big, keep all one, and a smaller "travel" one. And (mostly b/c I had a small amount of leftover fabric) a crochet hook holder for my sis who recently started crocheting. Pics of these to come soon.

Saturday night we went to see two of our friends play at a tsunami benefit - they were the first act (of 7) and we left after they played - but they were worth it. Someone needs to get them a record deal and quick. I'm so honored that they played at our wedding.

More suck......we get to class Monday, turn in the lastest sucky, she gives us our grade on the first sucky (but forget several people's projects in her car), gives us another suck to work on over spring "break" and then dismisses us. At 5:30. Class started at 5:00. It is supposed to last until 7:40. Nice. But if I had know we were only having 30 minutes of class I could have helped out with my step-daughter, instead of dumping her on my mom-in-law. Oh well.

Going to try to get a lot of suck done this week so I don't have to touch it over my break.

My "in person" book group finally met tonight. We read (or in my case re-read) Life of Pi - such a good book. I'm not a big one for rereading (except for my favorite books), and I found myself skimming a lot - but keying in on the "big" parts.

We had a really good time, even though there are only 4 of us, and one is DH. Our next book is "The 42nd Parallel" by John Dos Passos. Not too excited 'bout this one. My suggestions got shot down.

Inservice tomorrow - must finish prepping!

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