Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Let me clarify - I am not a "shoe person." I don't own more than 20 pairs (but most are flip flops - which hardly count). But oops....two new pairs in two days! I made the mistake of going to TJMaxx yesterday while en route to Hobby Lobby - very cute Steve Madden tweed pumps jumped into my hands - and whadda know? They were in my size!

So tonight, when I'm looking on their website for a picture of the oops purchase to show y'all (cause I'm too lazy to take my own picture), i found cute leather Converse one star sneakers. I have quite a weakness for my chucks, and these are grey and pink, my favorite colors - and only $20! What a deal! I can hardly wait for their arrival.

But back to the topic at hand (oh wait that was it....) I forgot to tell y'all what I thought of Prep. Blech. Yuck. Boring. Forced myself to finish it because one of my good friends who has nearly identical reading taste (who shares my name too...weird?) said it got good at the end. Now I still love her, but NO, it didn't.

I guess I expected some groundbreaking revelation, or denoument. Instead, I learned that people will always stab you in the back, be careful who your friends are, prep school sucks, going away to school will make your parents hate you, you'll just end up at a state school anyway, that cute boy is screwing someone else, and above all else, never trust newspaper reporters.

I wanted my $21.95 back (since I had actually paid for this at full price, rather than waiting to find it at my used bookstore), but cannot in good conscience return a book I've read. So I turned to my trusty ebay, where I made quite a nice profit, since I was selling a spotless first printing first edition. So I guess the shoes are justified after all!

But I've learned my lesson: just because a book has a cute dust jacket and "everyone" seems to enjoy it, take it with a grain of salt. Oh, and it won't kill you to wait six months to get the same book for $5. I nearly forgot - trust your instincts and those you admire.

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  1. Nice post..Yes cant hold ourself when we go for shoe shopping..Such way i own more than 30 pairs..