Friday, September 14, 2012

Modern Crosses Quilt

I showed a tiny bit of this quilt on Wednesday, but I realized I hadn't shown you the whole quilt top! I finished the top right before we went on our trip last month, so it slipped between the blog cracks, as it were.

Modern Crosses Quilt

I started this quilt back in June, I think. I received the book Modern Log Cabin Quilting for Christmas last year, and I loved it, but wasn't immediately inspired (although I LOVED the cover quilt). So, back in June, when I was 'between projects' and looking for something to take to the guild sewing Saturday, I pulled out my books for new inspiration. I decided to use a long hoarded jelly roll of Happy Daisy, and some Kona Snow. I changed my block size to use the jelly roll (the pattern calls for 2" strips and I wasn't going to trim down the jelly roll), and I ended up needing a lot more of my solid fabric than the pattern called for because of that. (I tried to do accurate math so that I would have enough, but I just didn't get it figured out correctly this time!).

I only wanted to use each strip of the jelly roll once, and since my blocks were bigger, I made fewer blocks than the pattern calls for. I felt like the chain piecing and trimming down of the blocks was time consuming, but in the end, I'm sure it was probably a bit faster than precutting everything. 

I really like how this one is turning out. The pattern calls for tying the quilt with buttons in the center of each cross, but I was worried that that wouldn't be enough since my blocks were bigger, so I'm hand quilting around each cross with yellow, blue, green and red perle cotton. I do think I'll dig through my vintage button stash and add the buttons too - I just love the idea of the buttons!

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  1. This is so beautiful! You are so talented! I love the idea of the buttons too!