Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A new bag

For a few weeks now it's been apparent that I needed a new bag/purse/carry-all-my-kid's-stuff receptacle. My favorite linen 'summer' bag just wasn't quite big enough (and it's very summery), and my other bags weren't quite right for a number of reasons (too big, too small, to tall, etc). I've been wanting to make my own bag for a while.

After much googling, I decided on the Wasp Bag. I liked the dimensions of it, and it looked roomy enough. I wanted it to be 'fall-ish', but not too much so that I couldn't use it outside of fall. I chose a print from Flea Market Fancy on the outside, and some Metro Living Dots for the interior.

Wasp Bag Finished!

I used some pretty stiff interfacing, but it helps the bag hold it's shape. I left off the interior pocket and key fob (I love the idea of those, but never have the second it takes to attach my keys!). I also did not use leather for the handles, nor did I do the leaf bit on the handle. My handles ended up a bit too long, but they are not too bothersome. I'd shorten them a few inches if (when) I make this bag again.

I really like it, and I've received several compliments on it! All, in all, a win!

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