Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School Clothes

I have been wanting to sew more and more clothes for my kiddos, and with back to school for Samantha, what better time? I wanted to try out a few things to practice, and make some easy projects. I searched through my pinterest boards, and selected two tops to start with. Digging through the stash made my choices a bit more difficult, but in the end, I had enough fabric for both of these tops. I have a bad habit of only buying one yard cuts of prints I like for clothes, and for most dresses and tops for Samantha that isn't enough yardage anymore. When did she get so big? (Let's not talk about the fact that she'll be 4 next week!)

Pop Pop Preppy Top

This is the Pop Pop Preppy Top. It looks like not many folks have made this top, but it is so cute! The bodice is lined, which is nice. I used two remnants of fabric I grabbed at Hobby Lobby on a whim, and Kona Snow leftovers for the lining.

I completely didn't understand her directions for the elastic band that goes under the bodice. I tried and tried to make sense of it, and spent way too much time with my seam ripper as a result. In the end I decided that the top was still cute without it, and that it probably would have been too short with the elastic band. Next time I'll cut it a bit longer. I'm already planning how to size this one up for next spring - it probably won't fit for too long, but it is a good fit now, and she's already worn it about 5 times since I finished it.

Emerson Tunic

This one is the Emerson Tunic. I used a print that I had originally stashed to make pants for Ben, but I knew Samantha would love the animals, and it turned out pretty cute! One thing not called for in the directions is that you need slightly more yardage if you are using a directional print, like this one.

I did a few modifications on this top. I didn't do the faux buttonband in the back, because I knew Samantha would complain about the buttons hurting her back when she was in her car seat or sitting in chairs/on the couch. I didn't add the button on the front either, and I'm looking for an acorn button or something else cute to put there.

I found some of the directions confusing. For example, where does the side start and the sleeve end? It's hard to judge where to sew down the side, but I think I did fine. Also, I didn't turn under the sleeves to hem them until after I had joined the shoulders, which I was glad about, because I don't know how I would have hidden the end of the shoulder seam otherwise.

I also didn't do the facing bit for the neckline. Samantha is totally not bothered by the seam on her neck. The neck opening is a bit small - she can get it over her head, but needs help taking it off.

All in all, pretty cute! I have a few other things done that I haven't photographed yet, and I'm planning a few more things for fall (probably will wait until Kid's Clothing Week Challenge starts up again). I would love to hear about your favorite patterns for kid's clothes. I've bought several Oliver +S patterns, but I bought the size 5-12, and Samantha is so skinny I don't think they'll fit for a few years!

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