Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Knitting Season

Labor Day has come and gone, and with it the unofficial end to summer. Even though temperatures here will be over 100 today and we won't need sweaters for at least 4-6 more weeks, I think of this time of year as high knitting season. Especially with little ones that will most likely outgrow their sweaters within a season, I need to kick my knitting into high gear!

This weekend, as football season began, I couldn't help but wish we had a 'knitting season.' It hardly seems fair that all the sports get their own seasons, why shouldn't we? So I propose that knitting season starts now. We knit as much as we can, as fast as we can before our kiddos (and ourselves, if we're lucky!) need the warmth of wool.

Hubby and I were even joking about having a fantasy knitting team - choose your favorite knitters and/or knitting bloggers, and you get points for each item they finish. Would be a great way to cheer each other on! However, I'm not sure I have the gumption to organize something like that. Maybe a Ravelry group is more practical? Points awarded for finished projects - more points for large objects or points awarded by yardage used up? And it would be OK if these are projects you have already started.

I know that I need to figure out a way to balance the things I want to sew with the things I want to knit. I need to finish these projects, and I have things to knit for upcoming classes at MadTosh. I also failed in my Ravellenic Games attempt, and only finished one lonely sleeve. It would be nice to wear a new sweater this winter!

Anyone else up for celebrating knitting season?

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