Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tree Skirts

I have had grand visions of making a tree skirt for our Christmas tree. And each year, I have too many other things going on to get it finished. First I was going to knit one - so lovely! Cables, and texture. Yum. But let's face it, I barely knit blankets, so no way was I knitting something that would be used for approximately 30 days a year.

And then I started quilting and now I can't decide what kind of tree skirt to make! There are so many amazing choices!

I love this one with the adorable houses. So cute. And this one with the trees.

So I'm thinking maybe a mash up of houses and trees. So cute. Now to sketch it, and plan it, and then actually find the time to sew it.....

PS: I totally can't wait for this line of fabric to come out - I'm seeing holiday bunting with the gnomes!

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