Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Sweaters

When I found out that we were having twins, I set into crafting overdrive (as soon as I hit the second trimester, and I could stay awake past 7 pm). I wanted to knit all.the.things for the babies. Of course, my crafting eyes were bigger than my crafting stomach (shouldn't there be a better expression for that?).  Both of these first two sweaters were abandoned when it became obvious that by the time I finished them they wouldn't fit my kids.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram (knitnlit), you saw my 'sleeve project' where I knit up a lot of sleeves over 2 weeks. Because these sweaters were only lacking sleeves. Crazy.

Baby Bartlett Sweater

Pattern: Baby Bartlett Set
Yarn: Fortissima Cotton (long discontinued, I believe)

This one stalled because I wasn't sure I liked the striping on the sleeves. But I decided to push on, and I think it looks fine. It will now be put away for a someday baby boy.

Milk Infant Top

Pattern: Milk Infant Top
Yarn: Berroco Comfort and scrap sock yarn for the edging

This was a quick and easy knit, but it looks way too small (this is supposed to be the nine month size, but I think it's closer to 0-3). This one stalled because of the crochet edging. I had a friend help me figure out how to do it, but then it was Christmas and I put it away. I dug it out and figured out how to do it myself, and it worked! I am not a strong crocheter, so I was very proud that it actually looks like it is supposed to!

These two sweaters I started for Samantha, but she outgrew them before I finished. They'll now fit other babies!

Pink Sweater

Pattern: Flower Cardigan
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Bubblegum (old color)

I thought this would be a simple sweater for me to knit, and it was, but for some reason it got put down, and forgotten about. I decided to forego the flower on the front in favor of these cute flower buttons.

Pea Pod Baby Sweater

Pattern: Pea Pod Baby Sweater
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Grass

I loved this pattern, and had started it years ago. I was knitting merrily along, until I started the second ball of yarn and it was a visibly different dyelot. I was frustrated, so I put it away. I pulled it out a few months ago and knit up the fronts and back. And then it sat again. So on sleeve week I dug it out and finished the sleeves. It is super cute, but huge. This one will fit someone, someday!

Yellow sweater for Ellie

And finally, a more recent start (and finish). My mom had given me some yarn leftover from one of her projects. I needed something simple, and wanted to use up the stash. I saw this pattern, and thought it would work well. It was a little bit confusing, but I trusted my gut, and it turned out really cute! I think Ellie will be adorable in this this winter.

Whew! That's a lot of sweaters! I hope to finish one more baby sweater this month, then on to some adult sweater finishes!

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