Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Pinterest Challenge

I'm joining in with the Pinterest Challenge hosted by Young House Love again this quarter. Last time I painted letters for our reading corner (I need to update that post with the finished letters hung on the wall - they look great and I love the little punch they added to our corner!) This time I made us a calendar.

I had an idea for a chore chart that used magnets a few months back (inspired by these), but for our whole family. Instead of ordering them, I decided to make my own using printable magnet paper. I got them all made up and then my computer ate my file. Fast forward a few months, and I saw this pinned on pinterest and thought the idea was great. Samantha is always asking me when we are doing something, and doesn't have a good grasp of what a "day" is, so this seemed like it could help.

I picked up a magnet board at ikea, and dug around in my stash of goodies for the rest. I found letter stickers from Target (Dollar Spot!), and decorative scrapbook tape. (I had planned to use some of that cute washi tape that I've seen people say they got at Target, but I can't find it. Maybe only Super Targets have it?)

I didn't have enough capital letters to use for every day of the week (because I bought these weeks ago for no real reason, and they don't have more now), and they looked silly next to the lowercase letters, so I decided just to use the lowercase letters.

I measured the board and divided it by seven. It was 30", so I divided it into 4" sections with 2" leftover for the extra magnets at the bottom. 

I used small pieces of tape to mark off the sections while I did the words, and then went back and added the row of tape across the entire board. 

I went back to the computer and grabbed some clip art for the things that are part of our routine. I wrote underneath them, and printed them out! Unfortunately, my printer seems to hate me and refused to print in color (even with a new cartridge - grr!). So they are black and white, but I can go back and add some color with markers later if I want (which I think I am going to do, because it's kind of drab). 

I cut these and the words for our chores apart, and slapped them down! I hadn't had a chance to go by JoAnn's and get a cute wooden star or other marker for what day today is, so I grabbed a foam star leftover from our Fourth of July crafts, and stuck it up there. So, I guess this is still a little bit of a work in progress, but things usually are around here!

We hung it with tiny command hooks so that we can move it (and yes, hubby hung it crooked. It will be fixed as it's driving me crazy!). 

All told, this project cost us $24 dollars, but we have three sheets and a bit leftover of magnet paper, and tons of leftover letter stickers, so I don't think it was too bad. Cheaper than buying something someone else made! I'm sure this will change over the years too - I'm already thinking those letters are too small, and might have to be replaced. We'll see.....

What have you been pinning and making lately? We've recently done a bunch of projects inspired by pinterest, and I need to share them!

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