Saturday, December 15, 2007

Um, so not a gift

In lieu of any exciting progress pictures ('cause there isn't much progress to see), allow me to present a long hidden WIP - a sock for me!

I started these this fall, in an effort to get them finished for xmas. Ain't gonna happen though. But they're pretty, and they'll be finished maybe for Valentines Day!

Mittens not your thing? Need some scarf ideas? Why not try My So-Called scarf, a Noro scarf, or the One Row Scarf. Lovely, easy options. And someday I'll knit them all!

To aid your knitting tonight, there are quite a few options, Snowglobe, A Hobo's Christmas, A Dad for Christmas, Christmas in Paradise, and the Saturday Night Live Christmas. Plus a lot of other movies. Pretty exciting, eh? I *might* have tivoed Holiday in Handcuffs earlier today, so I'll report on that tomorrow. If I tivoed it.

I won't be knitting again tonight, since I have my xmas party to attend. But I'm almost done with the first sleeve, so hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and start the second. Send good thoughts!


  1. I too might have, um, Tivoed Holiday in Handcuffs. It's on so often it must be good, right? We'll have to compare notes :)

  2. I like how the colors are working in that sock! I hope you're knitting like the wind right now. :)