Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nice and cozy

It's cold here. Raining and yucky. I love it when it's like this on a weekend - snuggling up with my knitting, my furry babies and my tea (plus bad lifetime movies) make a great day. Here are my cute kitties all snuggled up on mom's lap. I know it's cold when Cocoa will share the lap with Otis.

And Otis can't be bothered with photo-shoots. He's too tired.

To keep hubbo's granddad's feet warm, I whipped up a pair of felted clogs.

Pattern: Felted Clogs from Fiber Trends
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes - 3 balls red, 6 balls black.
Size: 13. Never again.
Needles: Sz 13 Clover bamboo circulars
Mods: none
Dates: summer sometime - December 6 2007. Felted December 8.
Thoughts: Sorry I didn't take a pre-felting picture - they were HUGE!

Since we're on a warm kick, I thought I'd share my warm gift ideas. the Felted Clogs are great, of course. Also nice and cozy are Hot water bottle covers (there are tons of different patterns), and Legwarms (also tons of patterns available).

On TV tonight - The Christmas Shoes, An Accidental Christmas, Santa Claus, A Christmas Carol, Holiday in Handcuffs (?), When Angels Come to Town and The Christmas Card. The girl and I are off to The Nutcracker though, so enjoy them for us - oh and the sock did get worked on at the movie last night - slowly but surely!


  1. Poor Otis! Hey, looks like he still has his tonsils. ;)

    Never again using 13s?? The clogs turned out great.

  2. We've had freezing rain and sleet all weekend, so I'm doing the exact same thing. I love your clogs. I keep thing I should knit a pair, but I think 13s feel like knitting with broomsticks.

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I've always wanted to make a pair of felted clogs. How do you control the size they end up? Does the pattern have different sizes, or do you control the end result in the felting process?

    I love those cozy weekend days!

    I've moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. Here's the new address:

  4. awww otis! he's too cute :) love it!!