Monday, June 04, 2007

New Knits

Really, it's like a disease. I finish one thing, and I feel the need to start 10 more. (Ok - in my defense, I did finish several things recently. But still.)

So what have I started recently? Let's take a look around.

The pink thing (long ago this was the new project that was not a sweater?). Yeah. It's a sweater. When it grows up it will be Vanessa (scroll down) from the RYC Classic Art pattern book. I'm nearly at the armholes and really enjoying this knit. Of course, that didn't stop me from starting another! The green thing will be a simple tank from an old issue of Knit.1, with some lovely Cotton Ease.

The blue sock is knit from Jawoll, and the teeny brown and yellow blob is the beginnings of the Yarrow Ribbed sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in Austermann Step.

The red blob is the beginnings of the Rutabaga Bag from the spring Knitscene, knit out of the hemp that my last Sockapaloooza pal sent me.

There is also a bottle cozy around here somewhere that didn't make it into the photoshoot.

I'm trying to keep myself from casting on anything else right now. We'll see how long I last!


  1. I've been enjoying the pleasures of project monogamy lately, but I can totally relate to startitis! You've got some cute stuff on the needles.

  2. Why do I feel the urge to run home and cast on a new project?! *twitch twitch*

  3. I don't feel so bad now with all my projects....I just went out and bought more Paton's Swk for a booga bag while making three pair of socks, a tank top and a sweater..oh, and the Jawoll socks..what size needle do you use? The ones I am making look way to big.....

  4. Funny, I think that disease is going around...

  5. There are worse diseases to have :)

  6. hee hee, it's so tempting, isn't it! I think I've always got at least four projects going, and ideas for even more. The disease is DEFINITELY contagious!

  7. I always have multiple projects going, but what is so bad about it? I can pick up one of several things to suit my mood and knit what makes me happy at the moment. Besides, we do get things finished--right?