Sunday, June 24, 2007

More fun in the kitchen

Before from the living room looking at the kitchen wall that will come down.


After Day 1

After Day 2 - upper cabinets and soffit gone.

Wainscoating and paneling removed.

Beginning of floor removal.

Don't you wish you were here?


  1. Actually, I DO wish I was there. It's very exciting. :)ex

  2. Wow - that's no minor renovation! All this for an excuse to eat out!

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Okay, I really do feel sorry for you. Best advice I can give you is hire someone to do a superclean afterwards. The dust is impossible to get rid of yourself! Good luck!

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I LOVE remodeling! From afar.....

  5. Ugh, we redid our kitchen awhile ago, and I don't envy you! However, it's nice to have a completely renovated kitchen once it's done!

  6. Good luck! I hope things go smoothly for's going to be gorgeous when it's done but oh the pain...we had our floors refinished a few years ago and lived out of our basement for 6 weeks...not fun. I feel your pain. Good thing you have stocked up on sock yarn, to keep your sanity. The cats and dogs help a lot too.

  7. I find this kind of thing a train wreck kind of way......

  8. Wow, I don't envy you! Except for the owning your house part. And the getting an awesome kitchen soon part. OK, so I do envy you. Good luck surviving the rennovation!

  9. Wow! That looks like a TON of work, and reminds me a bit of when Karen was working on her house. I hope that it turns out just the way that you want it to!