Monday, November 14, 2011

Samantha's Farm Party

Way back in September Samantha turned three. Now, most of you who know me know I love a good theme. I decided that we would do a farm theme for her birthday this year. She LOVES animals, so i knew she would approve.
Birthday Girl
I started with her outfit. I had purchased some adorable fabric with cows, horses, sheep, etc. on it at JoAnn's. I made a simple skirt, and appliqued a barn shape onto her shirt. Her headband matches as well.
For the invitations I used a diecut shape of a barn I had purchased many many years ago to use in a scrapbook (oh yeah, I used to do that too). If you can't find a die cut you could print out a barn shape.  I traced around it onto red cardstock and cut them out. I made doors that opened and glued the invitation details into the opening. I don't have a picture of this, but it's pretty self explanatory. 

Several years ago I found some Martha Stewart Craft Kits at Big Lots for $2.99. I put them away for when Samantha was older. A few days before the party I remembered them, and thought some were for farm animals. Sure enough. These balloon animals were one of the kits. We had a good time putting them together and playing with them after the party.
We also played pin the tail on the cow (cow drawing by hubby), which some kids enjoyed and some did not (they didn't want to be blindfolded).
Hubby made a barn cake.
And farm animal cupcakes (cow, pig, sheep). 

We served pigs in a blanket, 'hay' (potato sticks), watermelon, beans, and potato salad. The kids got to drink milk out of bottles. 
(Idea and sticker image from here).
We made farm animal cookies for favors (why my husband took this picture when the cookies were already in the baggies is beyond me). We had cows, sheep, ducks, horses and pigs.

We gave the kids crayon rolls (more on them later) and farm animal coloring books I made by printing coloring pages of different farm animals and copying them and making them into little books.

For a craft, I printed a large barn image and cut it out of red cardstock. I found farm animal foam stickers at Michaels and the kids made their own barns to take home (alas, no picture of this either!). They were really cute. 

And that's it! More on what I made Samantha for her birthday this year to come!

Now to start planning next year's party.....

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jenn! That's amazing. I love, love the cupcakes that look like animals. And the food ideas, and the milk in bottles. Awesome!