Friday, November 11, 2011

Poor little blog

I mean to spend more time with you. I really do. I want to have a conversation with the outside world that doesn't always consist of me describing the day's dirty diapers, or non-napping children, or the mud the dogs dragged in, or my perpetually full-of-dirty-dishes sink. Bless his heart, my husband doesn't so much care about how the knitting is going, or how the tension problems I have with my sewing machine make me want to chuck it across the room. (He is sympathetic to my problem of my missing quilt squares though. 30 of them! Where did they go? I know they were in the sewing room the last time I saw them. I have torn the room apart. I can't find them. I did, however, find hubby's anniversary socks - the two pathetic ones that got finished - which I had lost on our actual anniversary - another story I haven't told you.)
I'm having a difficult time with balance these days. I'm trying to do to much (as always). I want to make one million christmas gifts. I want to make things for my etsy store (but it would be nice if things would sell), I want to play with my kids. I want to have a clean house. I want an hour to go to the store by myself without feeling like I am neglecting my kids and not spending time with my husband. I want to sit down and read a book without feeling guilty for the things I am not doing. I have a hard time sitting still. But I have an even harder time 'doing it all.' I keep feeling like I should have all this extra time to do things since I am staying home from work this year, but somehow the days go even faster, and I get less done. How did I do it when I worked full time (I did have two less children then)?
Forgive my abandonment of the blogging month thing. I felt like I was just writing to do it, to check something off my list. And that's not how I want to approach the blog. I do have a huge list of things I want to talk about. But I really want the time to write an actual post, not just throw some pictures up and call it done.
OK. My children are napping at the same time (alert the media!) and this is sure to not last long. Perhaps I can go to the bathroom alone? What luxury.....

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