Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hat Design

A few years ago my sister saw an old knitted Purdue hat on ebay. She asked if I could recreate it for her and her husband (both Purdue alumni). I figured it couldn't be too hard, so I 'created' a pattern based on the photo of the hat (and I deleted the email with the picture a long time ago - sorry).

I made a chart of the letters on graph paper, and got started knitting. Emily specifically requested huge pompons.
Purdue 2
Purdue 1

Then a little baby came along and needed his own Purdue hat. This one did not go as well. I had kept the chart, so that wasn't an issue. The problem was with my pregnancy brain (although I didn't know I was pregnant yet, just thought I had a big case of the stupids). I started out fine, and about half-way through the chart, realized that I was knitting the letters upside down (I had forgotten to flip the chart). So I ripped and restarted. But a few rows in I realized that instead of flipping the chart I had decided to knit it backward (What???). Ripped again. Third time was the charm.
Hunter's Purdue Hat

His looks a bit different as I wasn't sure I had enough of the yellow to make the band yellow.

Without the pregnancy brain this was an easy project!


  1. As a Notre Dame alum I cannot officially approve of these hats...and yet I do, I really really do! Great job! :)

  2. We love our hats!!!!!