Monday, July 16, 2007

The state of the sweaters

Though my recent project starting disease has been well documented, I have, amazingly enough, been making some progress on existing projects as well.

Rusted Root is nearly past the sleeves - then it's just round and round until the body is done. I'm hoping it will go much faster when I reach that point.

This is the back of Cherry. Going fairly quickly, when I work on it. I'm really enjoying the yarn, so that makes it an enjoyable knit (Rowan Wool Cotton).

The bowknot cardigan is also going quickly when I spend time with it. It's mindless for the most part, so I just have to want to work on it to make progress.

Picovoli is not faring as well. I'm finding it tedious, and I'm worried about gauge issues (my row gauge is a bit off), and while I know I can just try it on from time to time (since it's top down), I don't want to work on anything that might cause problems. (Perhaps this is because I still haven't tackled the monster that is Vanessa?)

Just barely started are mom's sweater and Camisa. I really like Camisa, but I haven't been spending time with her - if I could just get the basket weave panel done, it would be mostly stockinette - nice and mindless. Perhaps that's a goal for this week. More on mom's sweater as it progresses.

Not pictured is the shaped tank top, which isn't very interesting to look at, but is nearly at the armhole shaping.

Maybe before school starts I'll have a new sweater. If I can keep from starting a new project.


  1. I am truly impressed with all the progress you've been making, despite the bout of startitis. (And everything looks lovely, too!) Me, I've been having trouble finding time to knit more than a couple rows or rounds at a time, even on socks. Maybe I need to start more new projects. Yeah, that's it...

  2. I know I CAN try on top-down things as they go, but somehow after I do they never make it back to the needles. So I feel your Tivoli pain.

  3. Very lovely projects! If you had to choose one to be done by the time school starts, which would you like to have done?

  4. I think I need a scorecard...

  5. Very nice things you've got there! I always have this irresistible urge to cast on at least five sweaters at once, but I try to maintain my sanity by only doing one or two. Sock knitting keeps me happy for the quick fix!

    Lovely, lovely stuff! I love reading your blog, because you find the nicest sweater patterns.

  6. Your projects are looking wonderful!!!