Friday, February 09, 2007

The wearin' 'o the knits

A few days ago Jared posted about the actual usage we get out of our knits. Ironically, I was thinking about this at almost the same time, as I have worn several sweaters recently.

A few Fridays ago I wore Ribby to school, and my art teacher, an aspiring knitter, asked if I had made it and said it was "cute." Awww. Last week, when it was cold, I also wore Chrysalis and Licorice Whip and my Assistant Principal commented that I had been wearing "the cutest sweaters." Of course, because I am me, I couldn't tell her that I had made them, something hubbo chastisted me for.

I also usually wear my Central Park Hoodie every Friday - I just love it and my Clerk told me that she "just loves that green sweater."

I'm pleased with Chrysalis - I do think it makes me look a bit like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but it is comfy and soft, so I get over it. And I was surprised by my enjoyment of wearing Licorice Whip. I had decided that the sleeves just weren't right, so I had shelved it for a while. I wore with a white button down shirt under (for warmth and to see if it worked with something besides a tank underneath), and it looked very cute. And the sleeves didn't bother me at all.

Both are wearing very well, though Licorice has a tendency to shed quite a bit. I do wish I wore the V-neck sweater (in the same post as Chrysalis) a bit more, but it is quite short and very warm, so it has to be very cold here to wear.

The enjoyment of wearing the sweaters does make me want to make more, despite the recent gauge issues, so I'm not down and out yet!


  1. Those are GORGEOUS sweaters. I especially like Ribby Cardi and the V neck. Is the V neck knitted with bulky yarn?

  2. Glad to hear you've been wearing your sweaters. I've even been getting more use out of mine than I thought I would in San Diego!

  3. Good for you!! I have to get better about wearing the sweaters I knit...