Saturday, February 24, 2007

C'est Fini!

Our final list of updates begins now!

Amy finished a Calorimetry and crocheted several cute flowers for her scarf - very nice!

Shannon is working on a crocheted afghan - I wish I knew how to crochet!

Emilee posted pictures of her cute February heart socks.

Carrie whipped up a cute bucket tote from an old pair of jeans and has a great start to her Wobbly Tote.

Kris finished up a simple sweater - love the color!

Mamma is having a bear of a time blocking her Scheherazade shawl - but it's so red and pretty!

Nessa finished a lovely pair of endpaper mitts - love the blues!

BeccaU has been very busy! She's finished a Fake-Isle Hat, her My So-Called Scarf, started Hourglass, and whipped up a new hat for her her dog! Whew!

Bronwyn finished a cute pair of Regia Silk socks - yum!

Oz Knitter finished up another pair of socks - she's stocking that drawer for winter!

Missy Joon is working on a cute pair of mittens and lovely socks.

Prairie Girl has been very busy - working on a variety of projects. Good luck getting them all finished!

Rahime has been busy in the land of socks as well - they look great!

Chrispy finished up Wicked - I keep seeing these pop up and they are all great - I may have to add it to the list!

Elizabeth finished Icarus and it is gorgeous!

Laverna finished up some simple socks - my favorite kind!

Smug Sheep also finished Wicked - see what I mean about seeing them everywhere?

Karla is having sock gauge issues.

Julia finished up her Monkey socks - I love this pattern!

Yvonne finished up some fancy cuffs and her Bejeweled scarf.

Katherine finished up some super bright socks and a lovely Malabrigo gift set.

Theresa is having darn sock problems - literally!

Debby's progress on Miss Bellis grows - such a pretty pink!

Abigail has been infecting the world with new sock knitters!

Lu has been busy finishing up some UFOs.

Michelle is ohsoclose to having a finished Starsky - looks great!

Terri finished her Bejeweled Scarf and has a lovely sock finished.

I think I got in everyone who has posted something about their projects for themselves - PLEASE let me know if I forgot you and I'll edit the post.

It's been great knitting along with you - I hope you finished (or at least started) something for yourselves! See you next year - same bat time, same bat channel!


  1. Thanks for hosting us! I finished both of my planned pairs of socks FOR ME. I now have a better handle on the Old Shale ones (nothing like having to frog a completed cuff to make you humble about CHECKING THE GUAGE, even with a yarn/needle combo you've used before......

  2. Thanks for inspiring us to knit for ourselves! Even though I never seamed up my cardigan (still afraid of the size), I did make a pair of socks (though wow, I just remembered last night's dream, in which I lost those socks!) and a scarf. So I got something out of this in the end, and have ideas for more :)

  3. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Hi! I did post my progress early last week at, and I plan to post tomorrow that I finished Fetching. The knitting's all done--I just have to weave in the ends. Thanks for hosting this!

  4. Thanks for your updates on all our progress!!! (Especially given how busy you are!) I loved seeing everyone's progress!