Thursday, February 08, 2007


No, this time I'm not talking about gauge - it's time to knit hubbo's Pirate Hat.

The very, very astute of you may remember that I knit this once several months ago. There's a reason it never appeared as a "full" FO - it was way too small. It may fit an infant, but no amount of blocking would make it near big enough for an adult head.

I was planning to reknit it without hubbo knowing about the size debacle, but then Miles destroyed one of the balls of yarn while we were on vacation last summer, and I kept putting it off, as I would have to buy more yarn. Finally I fessed up to the disaster, and hubbo chose new yarn (in basically the same colors), and it's been sitting since before Christmas, waiting for it's turn. Somehow I had decided that I had to knit it in February (perhaps that's because I knit mine in February?)

Here we go again. One needle size larger, and I'm being very conscious of knitting loosely.
I'm hoping to have it done for Valentine's Day - we don't do "real" gifts, but I like to do a little something.

Oh, and our beautiful blue skies and warm weather? Yeah, grey skies today, and barely 40 degrees. More of the same in the forecast. I knew it was too good to keep.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and the hat!

    40°F sounds wonderful. I might not even wear a coat.

  2. Isn't is soooo frustrating when you can't seem to get guage? I hope your hat goes much better this time.

    Your weather really sounds lovely - I'd trade any time!

  3. hey, i'd call a pirate hat a real gift!

  4. That's such a cool pattern. Hope it fits!