Friday, May 03, 2013

Wonky Paint Chip Challenge

Our guild is doing bi-monthly challenges this year, and our first one was a paintchip challenge. We all chose a paintchip and had to make something with at least two of the colors on the paintchip. We also had to make our project wonky.

Wonky is really hard for me - I like nice straight lines and clean angles! But I was determined to participate! I chose a purple paintchip (there were not many left when I got to choose, and I had just gotten the purple Stash Stack Club from Pink Castle Fabrics and I'm not a big purple person, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to use some of that purple fabric up!). I really like wonky stars, but I had already made a wonky star quilt, so I chose a wonky log cabin block.


I decided to use all of the shades of purple from my paintchip. I chose a scrap for the center of the block, and built around it. I trimmed sides slightly wonky after each round, and kept going until the block was big enough for my pillow form.

For the back I knew I wanted to use letters from the book Word Play Quilts. I love the idea of putting words onto quilts. Since I knew I was making a pillow, and my center fabric was chairs, I thought writing 'sit' on the back of the pillow would be cute. I plan to use the pillow in one of our chairs.


I used two different shades of Kona grey on the back as well. I quilted both sides of the pillow with straight lines - the front has vertical lines and the back horizontal. I inserted a zipper at the bottom of the pillow cover.

I really really like this project! I was very hesitant at first, but I think it turned out really well. It was also my first time to make a quilted pillow cover and I really like the texture and sturdiness of it. I will be making more!


  1. I love your pillow! I'm glad to hear you don't like wonky. I thought I was the only odd duck at the guild regarding this. :)

  2. gorgeous! I love it so much!!!

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Cheers for being a sport. I think it is good to stretch beyond our comfort zones a time or two. Your pillow turned out fine, and I like the word 'sit' on it!