Friday, April 26, 2013

KCW Spring 2013: Ice Cream dresses

This pattern was the first one I saw of the Oliver + S patterns when I first started getting interested in sewing clothes for the kids. (That's a poor sentence!) I thought it was just so cute - and I love the top and the dress versions. Of course, it's one of the last patterns of theirs I've made (of the ones I own!). But these came out so cute I know I'll be making more!

Ice cream dress for Ellie

I used some of Sarah Jane's adorable whales/narwhals print for the body of Ellie's dress and some pink dot I had in the stash. I didn't do the v notch on the pockets because I just didn't feel like it (a little burnt out!). There is an adorable pink penguin button on the back - I couldn't resist a fun button!

Ice cream dress for Samantha

For Samantha's dress I used this black gingham I picked up from the remnant basket at JoAnn's back in the fall and paired it with the cute Michael Miller giraffes. This gingham is fantastic - has a really nice feel and weight to it! I will be searching out more of it! Samantha's dress is PLENTY big, but she will comfortably wear it for probably two years.

I also made freezer paper stenciled shirts for the kids for Ben and Ellie's birthday tomorrow, but I'll share those in the party roundup post!

I made far fewer things this spring than I did in the fall, but most of that is due to having more active kiddos and a giant preggo belly.

One of my friends asked me what she thought I spent on their clothes between the cost of fabric and my time. I know it is far more expensive than most things I could buy at Target or Old Navy, but I don't count my time - I'm going to do something with my naptime (and it's not cleaning!), and I enjoy making clothes and crafting/sewing/knitting. She wondered how long I could make clothes before they started getting teased at school, which is an issue I hopefully won't have to worry about for a long time. Additionally, with the amazing prints and fabrics available today, many 'popular' looks can be replicated with handmade. And honestly, I think part of the joy for me in this is that they are not wearing the same screen-printed tv character t-shirt that all their classmates are wearing. They also use handmade lunch supplies (and real food in their lunch!), a handmade backpack, wear handknit sweaters, etc. Right now Samantha is at an age where she LOVES everything that mommy makes - and I'm no fool - I know this won't last forever. I will take it for as long as I can! I also think that in today's world there is room for individuality - I don't want my kids to be like everyone else. I want them to think for themselves, and wear what they like. It helps that right now they don't watch TV or have screen time - they are not sucked into that consumerism.

Sorry for the little 'rant' - but I am very interested to know from others what they think about making their children's clothes, especially those with older children! What do you all think?

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  1. I can speak from the other side- my mom made most of my clothes for years. She even made me some stuff and mailed it to me at college. I think what will help is to let them have input into the style and fabric choices as they get older, and maybe let them incorporate a few bought items into the mix- I remember in 6th grade wearing store bought tshirts with my homemade pants and home sewn blouses with my Levis in high school.