Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Outfits

This past winter, when Rae released her Geranium Dress pattern I knew I had to have it. I love cute simple dresses like this - that can be worn with a long sleeve shirt and leggings if necessary, and without. I also loved the different choices for length (top or dress), pleats or gathers, the different necklines and sleeve options.


For the girl's first Geranium Dresses, I chose the pleated, scoop neck (no notch) and 'sleeveless' version. I knew it might be chilly with Easter so early this year, so I wanted them to be able to wear a shirt underneath if necessary.

Geranium Dresses - back

I struggled for a long time with what fabric I wanted to use. I wanted the to match without being identical. I saw someone in the Geranium Flickr group had used some of the Lizzy House Butterflies, and knew that would be perfect. I was lucky enough to find some in both colors on Etsy (why do I always want to use old, out of print fabrics for things?).

I used buttons from my vintage button stash (I need to find more larger buttons, it seems that most of what I have is too small to work well on dresses like this), and love the way they compliment the dresses.

Happy Easter!

While Ben seemed to want a dress (he had to 'try on' Ellie's as I was fitting hers), I decided to fix his Christmas vest that came out too small around the neckline. I cut the neckline off, and crocheted an edging. It worked just perfectly, and he looked very handsome in his little vest!

Happy Easter from our little cuties!

Two cuties!

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    The dresses are darling. That is one of my favorite prints!